Strengthening Colorado’s Triple Aim Strategy to Provide Coloradans Access to Integrated Primary Care—The Colorado State Innovation Model

While the state of Colorado has a strong, collaborative foundation for its health system, health costs continue to rise, patients receive fragmented care and key population metrics must be improved. That is why the state applied for and received a $65 million grant from CMS to implement and test the State Health Care Innovation Plan.

The Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) touches every aspect of Colorado’s health system. Because of its reach, SIM is able to set the stage for sweeping transformation and help Colorado get closer to achieving the triple aim of lower costs, better care and improved population health. The model also aims to make Colorado the healthiest state. A key piece to this transformation is integrating behavioral health and primary care. The model will also apply value-based payment structures, expand information technology efforts and finalize a statewide plan to improve population health.

The program has begun to integrate physical and behavioral health care and will continue to do so in 400 practices during the four-year grant period. The model aims to improve the health of Coloradans through integrating physical and behavioral health care systems with value-based payment structures for 80 percent of Colorado residents by 2019.