Stakeholder Collaboration Empowering Employees to Self-Manage Their Chronic Diseases—Taking Control of Your Health

Effective chronic disease management prevents other health complications, reduces associated hospitalizations and costs, and is crucial to overall health. Recognizing that both employers and their employees could benefit from chronic disease management, the Midwest Business Group on Health and the Illinois Pharmacists Association partnered to create a chronic disease management program that uses a value-based benefits model to improve quality of care and reduce overall health care costs.

The program, called “Taking Control of Your Health,” asks employers to waive co-payments for medications and supplies for chronic conditions. In return, employees voluntarily participate in regular visits with specially trained local pharmacists, who provide regular screenings and coaching, and coordinate care with patients’ primary care physicians.

Through incentives and collaboration, the program motivates patients to self-manage their conditions, resulting in a reduction in preventable hospitalizations, healthier workers and a decrease in overall health care costs.