LeveragING Value Based Payments with Primary Care Providers to Improve Patient Care— Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Colorado

The physician-patient relationship is one of the most important components to promoting health and wellness, which is why primary care is critical. As a result, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Colorado launched the Enhanced Personal Health Care initiative to promote patient-centered care and compensate providers for the work required to deliver this type of coordinated, personalized care.

The aim of Anthem’s Enhanced Personal Health Care program is to better align incentives in order to bring high-quality care to patients and to control costs by promoting population health management. Anthem is making a major investment in primary care by moving to these value-based arrangements, and is also offering the support of a dedicated team of experts in patient-centered care who are devoted to helping providers succeed in adopting a patient-centered care model.

Since the program launch, Anthem is now working under value-based arrangements with more than 1,100 (or one-third of) physicians from about 250 primary care practices across the state, providing primary care services to more than 160,000 Anthem members. By the end of 2015, Anthem’s goal was to contract with close to 50 percent of the state’s primary care physicians.