Improving Care by Involving Patient Perspectives—Voice of the Patient Project

Team-based, patient-centered care lowers costs, improves care and improves outcomes by involving patients in their own care. The Greater Detroit Area Health Council (GDAHC) and the Michigan Primary Care Transformation Initiative (MiPCT) started the Voice of the Patient Project to develop Patient and Family Advisory Councils.

The Patient and Family Advisory Councils partner patients and families with health care providers to offer advice on improving patient and family care experiences. The Voice of the Patient program recruits practices across Michigan to develop the advisory councils, which provide trainings and gather feedback in order to develop best practices on providing consistent, high-quality care across practices.

As a result of the program, five practices have initiated Patient and Family Advisory Councils. By incorporating patient and family perspectives into care through the councils, providers make fewer assumptions about patient needs and advisors challenge providers to think of new possibilities by asking different questions and providing unique perspectives.