Fostering the Primary Care Workforce through Student Loan Repayment—Michigan State Loan Repayment Plan

The burden of student loans debt facing medical students is a major challenge, which poses serious risk to primary care as students are opting for higher-paying specialties. In an effort to combat this threat, the Michigan Department of Community Health developed the Michigan State Loan Repayment Plan.

The Michigan State Loan Repayment Plan assists employers in the recruitment and retention of medical, dental and mental health care providers who demonstrate a commitment to building long-term primary care practices in underserved communities by providing up to $200,000 in tax-free funds to repay their educational debt for up to eight years.

The loan repayment program has not only provided financial relief to many in the primary specialty, but has also increased the likelihood that participants remain in underserved communities where there is a great health care need beyond their service obligation.