Employer Implements Medical Home Model to Benefit Employees and Reduce Costs—Vanguard Furniture, Conover, NC

Vanguard Furniture was in search of a solution to control rising health care costs, which had become the single biggest expense facing the company.

After repeated failed attempts to rein in costs, the Conover, N.C.-based company decided to partner with local primary care practices to develop and implement a health care plan consistent with the principles of a patient-centered medical home.

Teaming employees with primary care practices led to a shift in the culture of health at the company. Patients who had previously boasted about having not seen a doctor in years were receiving regular preventive care. Within two years, the partnership with primary care dramatically reduced gaps in care, established strong employee-physician relationships and significantly reduced the cost of care for Vanguard Furniture—cutting the annual growth rate for health care costs to 1 percent.