Better Health Outcomes through Strong Patient-Physician Relationships—Iora Primary Care, Seattle

Patients can often feel disconnected from their physicians and don’t feel motivated to participate in their own well-being. Iora Health and Humana recognized this challenge and partnered to open Iora Primary Care, a practice in Seattle dedicated to serving senior citizens.

Its model for primary care includes one-on-one health coaching as a way to emphasize preventive care for seniors and establish a dedicated advocate, confidant and friend for patients. As a result of Iora’s model, patients are receiving personalized, comprehensive care and develop strong relationships with their care team.

The Iora model of care has shown results in terms of patients' engagement, satisfaction and outcomes. Results show that these patients are actively engaged, satisfied and very likely to recommend Iora to a friend. Iora’s patients dealing with hypertension and diabetes have had better success controlling these conditions as compared to the national average.