Advancing Health Through Support of Primary Care and the Patient Centered Medical Home—The Dow Chemical Company, Midland, Mich.

The Dow Chemical Company has a long history of strong commitment to employee and public health, including onsite health services for occupational health for many decades. About 20 years ago, Dow began a journey to integrate worker protection services (toxicology, industrial hygiene, safety, occupational health and epidemiology) with services that enhance health (health benefits and health promotion). Coordination with primary care through case management and health risk appraisal programs have been in place since 2004. Dow Health Services operates in a team-based person-centered care model and is a strong partner in the medical neighborhood, coordinating with primary care for the population served. Dow Health Services also participated in the NCQA Ambulatory Care Pilot in 2014, which highlighted the importance of effective transitions of care.

A formal Dow Health Strategy was developed in 2006. Key elements of this strategy include prevention, quality and effectiveness, health care systems management and advocacy. Dow worked with its major medical plan providers to develop and implement a gain sharing model for a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) with a multi-year implementation in areas with significant employee populations spanning about 20 states. This effort included connection with national and state initiatives, specifically membership on the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative Board, working with others to position Michigan positively for selection as a CMS pilot state for PCMH and outreach and education to providers and payers.

A regional community-based health approach began in 2007 when Dow provided leadership and financial support for the creation of the Michigan Health Improvement Alliance (MiHIA). In 2008, HHS designated MiHIA as a Chartered Value Exchange (CVE)—a community-based, multi-stakeholder cooperative effort at the forefront of transforming healthcare at the local level.