A Practice Built Around the Patient—Qliance, Seattle

At Qliance, a Seattle-based direct primary care practice, patients receive 24/7 access to primary care physicians—in person and by phone or email—for a flat monthly fee comparable to a gym membership. The Qliance model is based on relationship-centered care and everything—from physician pay structure to proprietary IT systems—is built to support this focus on patients.

Physicians and care teams have more time with patients and are able to emphasize holistic care. The result: patients are empowered with the skills and information they need to make healthy choices every day and to be involved in their own care.

The Qliance model has shown comparable results across a broad and diverse customer base representing approximately 35,000 patients. In some cases, the monthly fee is covered by individuals. In others, it is paid by employers and private and public insurers. In fact, Medicaid accounts for 15,000, or almost half, of Qliance’s patients.